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Jeff Mullan’s photographs from the event

Eric Anthony Johnson’s photographs from the event

http://DAda SPill

Jeff Mullan’s sound piece from the event.

250 People Attend DaDa Spill

Photo by: Jeff Goulding/Times Herald-Record

Avant-garde theater experience goes underground in Rosendale; Art Converges With Life

Times Herald-Record 7/29/13

Photograph: JEFF GOULDING/Times Herald-Record

By Pauline Liu

Press: Almanac Weekly Weekly July 25th, 2013

“Data Spill” at Widow Jane Mine

by Lynn Woods

Blue Stone Press, July 19, 2013. (hard copy only) page 16

“Plumbing the Depths: DaDa Spill to ponder Rosendale’s underground history”

by Anne Plyburn Craig